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Who we are
Blue Sky has been recognized by professional peers throughout California accumulating over 100 awards for special effects, small space design and installation, renovations and residential estate projects.

Gardens designed and constructed by Blue Sky Designs, have been included for many years on Peninsula garden tours as well as being featured in a variety of magazines, periodicals and books.With construction and design working hand-in-hand we can assure that projects are well co-ordinated and that original design intent is maintained in the completed project.
Blue Sky Group Photo
KC brings home the First Place Landscape Award from the annual (CLCA) California Landscape Contractor's Convention in Lake Tahoe this November.
Blue Sky Group Photo
KC adds the First Place State Award to the previously received 19 State Awards for the Team's quality work and the previously received four First Place Landscape Awards, received in June from the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of CLCA at the University Club in Palo Alto. Blue Sky Designs, Inc has now won 94 SF Bay Area Chapter Landscape Awards.